Tables and steles for Maje

Two concrete rendering within the same creations!

For Maje Maison, we have developed a collection of pieces that integrates two concrete renders.

The upper part of each creation is completely smooth and polished. The vertical parts, meanwhile, are retired to allow all the air bubbles imprisoned in the concrete mixture. This method makes it possible to obtain creations that are, at the same time, very pure and far removed from the image that one can have concrete, and a very mineral rendering, which recalls the origin of this building material.

From now on, we equip each of the Maje shops around the world (Paris, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Dubai, China, ...)

Project ID:

What: Tables and Stools

Date: 2018 continuous project to today

Time : 20 days per boutique (so 1 table and several stools)

Destination : Around the world (Paris, China, Ibiza, ...)

Weight: Each table makes 200 kg and 1 stool = 40kg)

Number of units (to date): 15 tables and 40 stools