Unique pink washbasin

Pink concrete plain washbasin


Discover all our concrete pink washbasins made in France by hand in our Atelier The French Vikings in Aubervilliers.

3 rendered are available: united, marbled or two-color. All in 4 sizes: 1 round and 3 rectangular.

All our reasons are tinted in the mass. This method of hue makes it possible to propose a durable washbasin.

Installation of this type of basin is very simple. Being to ask, it is only necessary to pierce the support for the passage of the bung (and your valve).

Interview : Clean the basin with soapy water with a soft cloth. Avoid the use of corrosive and abrasive products (alcohol, acetone, bleach, household products ..).

Overflow : to avoid any risk of overflow. We recommend the use of a fixed flap mark.


Round basin Ø 40 cm

Concrete plain pink washbasin

 Concrete pink valley - UNI rendering: Powder pink and coral


Concrete bicolour pink washbasin

 Concrete pink valley - Two-tone rendering: powdery pink and coral

pink white pink washbasin

 Concrete pink valley - Marbled rendering: powdered pink and white


Rectangle washbasin 40x60 cm

Rose rectangle concrete washbasin

 Concrete pink valley - united rendering: coral and pink powder


Marbled pink washbasin

 Rectangular valley pink 40 x 60 cm concrete - Marbled rendering: pulp pink and pink


Rectangle washbasin 40x80 cm

 Rectangle pink washbasin 80 x 40

 Rectangular pink valley 40 x 80 cm - wide - concrete - united rendering: powdery pink and pink


Rectangle washbasin 40x100 cm

Extra wide concrete pink washbasin


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