Concrete washbasin: manufacture, installation, maintenance

Blue blue two-tone washbasin

Discover all our stages of design, manufacturing, installation until the maintenance of your concrete washbasin The French Vikings.


At The French Vikings all our creations are drawn on the spot in our workshop in Aubervilliers. Our modeling designers, make the prototypes up to the definitive form. Once this step is reached, the mold is made. A wood + silicone structure for a perfect finish.


Our concrete washbasins are alsomanufactured in France by hand.

Our concrete washbasins are available in 16 shades and 3 levels of renderings. Rendering: Uni, Marbled and Two-tone. You have more than 300 possible combinations (See all combinations) Margaux, Malo or Océane will take care of flowing your unique stained concrete washbasin in the mass.


This same person will unmold, sand, polish and protect your sink. Last step, control. If the sink is validated by its preparer, it is carefully packaged and shipped (you can find the name of its preparer on the label).

Concrete sink casting


The French Vikings concrete washbasins are directly on your furniture or worktop. This facilitates its installation, you will only have to pierce the support for the passage of the bung (and possibly from the faucet if it is not wall).

sink installation

The weight of concrete sinks is quite high (from 12kg to 35kg). It is important to check if your work plan, support or furniture is capable of supporting this load.

You can add a silicone seal on the basis of the sink to stabilize and avoid any water infiltration under it. Remember to choose seamless joint or in a hue similar to your support or washbasin.

Our concrete sinks do not have anti-overflow. We strongly recommend that you use a fixed flap mark.


The maintenance of a sink is quite simple. Clean your concrete washbasin regularly with soapy water Using a soft cloth (avoid abrasive household products and / or corrosive acetone, alcohol, bleach, degreaser ...)

Washbasin Concrete Protection

Once a year you can also add a protective layer of French Protect Using a soft cloth on a dry washbasin. This protection waterproof the surface and protects the pigmentation.