The Vikings!

Our team is growing, and now we have 13. Meet with all our industries and learn about our expertise!

The founders

5 years ago, they put the permius stones of this crazy project!

  • Billy


    Great strategist of the company and finances, he also deals with the customer and commercial relationship as well as recruitments

    +336 82 30 65 22
  • Nadir


    Responsible for production, he shoulder the teams at the workshop on the technical parts, supervises the preparation order and is in charge of the thermoformeuse.

    +336 50 24 63 78

The designers

Each creation that goes out has been designed by one of these heads:

  • Léa

    Product designer

    She developed the color range of our concrete containers and participated in the production of our next batch of finished products.

  • Joris


    He was involved in the creation of our customized and corrugated banknotes.

The workshop

They directly manage the production and dispose of everything in the workshop.

  • Margaux

    Production manager

    She organizes and participates in the creation of all custom parts and finished products. She is the guarantor of the quality of our works.

  • Maruan

    DIY kit preparator

    He makes all your diy kits.: concret, pigments, molds, manual...

  • Marlow

    Production manager

    He participated in the production of all the works coming out of the workshop and was responsible for the preparation of the whole order.

  • Océane


    She provides expertise in resin, silicone or composite mold manufacturing.


Without them, you would never have heard of us!

  • Alexia

    Artistic Director

    She imagines and produces all the photos of our social networks and online stores, and handles the visual communication of brands more broadly.

  • Ines

    Assistant Artistic Director

    She supports alexia's artistic direction, mainly photography. She is responsible for story telling and packaging.

  • Quentin

    E-commerce Manager

    He is responsible for our eshop and its updates. His next challenge is to translate the entire site into English. He is also responsible for managing acquisitions.

Mascot & chief happiness Officer

Valkyi always put lovely things in our lives. In 2018, she was found in drakal, abandoned, without fleas and tattoos, so we decided to adopt her and make her our mascot.

  • Valky

    Chief happiness Officer

    She works with the SOS team, backed by hugs and gentle eyes. She snores louder than humans and eats food on the ground faster than ninjas.

Want to be a full-time Viking?

We are always looking for new talent. Visit our recruitment page:

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