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We answer your most frequent questions.

📮 What are the different modes of delivery?

There are two modes of deliveries:

- Basic Delivery Service Colissimo with follow-up

- Express delivery service for Paris and its surroundings. You can also pick up your order directly to the Drakkar!

For more information on deliveries, go to this page:


 🚚 What are the shipping and delivery times?

All orders are prepared for Drakkar, Aubervilliers. All orders leave from here. The preparation is done within 24 hours and then your order is delivered to our carrier.

- 5/7 days for a Delivery of Basic Colissimo

- Less than 24 hours for express delivery

For more information on deliveries, go to this page:


📦 How is my koffret composed? 

Each kit is composed of:

- A bag of French concrete

- a black and pink pigment (possibility to add two or four additional colors optional)

- a single mold (possibility to add two additional molds optional and according to the koffrets)

- a dosage syringe or a dosing glass (depending on the size of the koffret)

- Protective gloves

- A user manual with a tablecloth and a dosing card

- A little surprise!

🤷 It lacks something in my order, how to do it?

You can contact us directly by telling us your order number, a Viking will quickly arrive at your rescue.

💔 My mussel arrived broken, what to do?

Two options are available to you: either you have a scotch and you solidify yourself your mold, or you send us a small message. We will then do the necessary to provide you with a new one!

🍭 How to achieve a beautiful marbled?

To achieve a marbled effect, you need:

- Prepare your concrete without pigment, beware that concrete is not too liquid.

- Sprinkle with pigment on your concrete.

- Pinch the pigment and the concrete to create the mercures, without mixing too much! Be careful not to leave no pigment lumps in the mixture.

- Pour everything into the mold by avoiding too much leaving the concrete spread.

☔ Is my creation waterproof?

Our french concrete and therefore all the creations resist the water and they are even impermeable. On the other hand, to prevent water from leaving brands on concrete, we advise you to protect it, at The French Vikings, we useTHE FRENCH PROTECT And we advise you to use the same.😉

🍲 Can my creation be put in contact with food?

YES ! Since the french concrete is fit for food contact. We still recommend putting a protective product: THE FRENCH PROTECTAlso fit for food contact.

🛁 How to wash and protect my creation?

Your creations will be washable as well by hand as in the dishwasher. However, beware, in the long term the dishwasher will make your concrete dull and it will lose its glow of color. The best solution remains a good sponge and elbow oil. You will already have the hand after mixing our french concrete. You can also use the protection product: THE FRENCH PROTECT. It can be used on all creations since it is fit for food contact.

🛡️How to protect my creation?

All Creations The French Vikings can be used without varnish. However, it is possible to protect it with the protective product THE FRENCH PROTECT.

🌬️ How to dry my creation?

Prohibition to let it dry in the sun so that it dries faster. We advise you a constant temperature place ideally 20 degrees max. And above all, remember to cover your mold with a plastic to prevent water from evaporating and the concrete embroilises.

🌊 Can I add so much water to my preparation that I wish?

The addition of water is to avoid except in very small quantities. The first times the concrete seems difficult to mix but you will quickly realize that the initial dosage is enough :). To make it more liquid, simply you will simply mix, the more you mix it, the liquid will become liquid.

🎨 How to achieve a perfect mix?

To make the mixture easier, the following steps should be followed:

1. Put all the water in the mixing basin.

2. Put half the concrete and mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

3. Add the rest of the concrete in small amounts and mix well between each addition (you will have to put the rest of your concrete in 4 times minimum). Your mixture must be fluid without lumps.

⚖️ I do not have a scale, how to dose my concrete?

Do not panic ! You can use a dosing glass according to the data below:

- 200g of concrete equals 150ml of water in the metering glass.

- 300g of concrete equals 225 ml of water in the metering glass.

💯 How many times can I use the mold?

The mold can be used a good dozen times without any worries! With the exception of the Freja Bowl mold which is very difficult to unmold.

📏 What will be the measures of my creation?

Visit the product cards :)

🔎 What is the composition of your products?

The French concrete is composed of Calcia white cement from Careers in Ile-de-France, dry dried river, fiberglass and fluidifier. Our pigments are natural or synthetic according to the colors and come from the south of France

🌈 Can pigments be used with another material?

They are initially recommended for use with concrete.

✂️ Is it possible to have a custom kit?

Unfortunately, we do not realize a custom kit and we do not customize existing koffrets.

♻️ Is my creation recyclable?

The concrete is recycled very well. For example, it can serve as charge in new concrete. It is also widely used in road making. It is crumped to serve as a sub-layer before flowing the bitumen. This is this last solution that allows us to recycle our waste with our partner Calcia.

✍️ I did not find the answer to my question 😢

Do not hesitate to contact us by email on the address Hello (AT) THEFRENCHVIKINGS.COM Or contact us on our different social networks, a Viking will quickly arrive at your rescue 🤜 🤛