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After the first collaboration for the Market, PRINTEMPS HAUSSMANN entrusted us with the realization of a series of displays for space 'AUX PORTES DE PARIS.

It is on this occasion that we have developed a concrete encrusted with salt crystals which gives the displays an effect of volcanic rocks. The central part of this collaboration, is a display composed of a base and a folder, of course flowing in one piece, intended to receive removable bearers for necklaces.

Most rooms work in a team and assemble to create new supports.Home of these pieces has been designed by Arturo Medina, Concept Manager for PRINTEMPSHaussmann.

Project ID:

What: Dispositionories of different forms

Date: December 2019

Duration: 60 days

Destination : Paris

Weight: 600 kg

Unit quantity: 60