Our 12 concrete washbasins

Biolour concrete washbasin white blue rectangle

Thanks to a unique texture, add to your bathroom a colorful or natural color piece. Discover 12 concrete washbasins, 4 sizes: 1 round and 3 rectangular, 3 rendered: plain, marbled or two-tone.


THE FRENCH VIKINGS is a French brand that design, develops and manufactures concrete creations by hand from our workshop at the gates of Paris in Aubervilliers. 12 concrete washbasins are available. 1 Round of 40cm in diameter, and 3 rectangular 60x40, 80x40, 100x40 cm.

The specificity of these sink is the available color palette: 16 shades and 3 rendered Also proposed: united, marbled or two-tone rendered. Each basin produced is unique.

The material

Concrete vanity texture

Concrete is a robust and durable material. Here it is polite and protected to make it perfectly waterproof and resistant to tasks. Like any raw material, the surface of the concrete is irregular and small imperfections or bubbles may be visible. This exceptional texture makes each basin unique.


All our concrete washbasins are designed and hand-made in our Aubervilliers workshop. This collection of basins brings together all the values ​​defended by the entire team: craftsmanship, innovation and the only one.Each piece of concrete requires several hours of preparation, casting and drying. It is after these long hours that demolding is possible and reveals the hue and the final texture.The sanding phase then polishing can begin.


The French Vikings concrete washbasins are directly on your furniture or worktop. It will only take a piercing of the plan for the passage of the bung. It's important to check that your work plan or furniture is able to support the weight of the basin (s) - you can consult all the characteristics (size and weight) of our vanities on the Product Pages.


A little soapy water is enough for the maintenance of the basin. The use of corrosive or abrasive household products must be avoided (acetone, ammonia, vinegar, alcohol, etc.). Also avoid the use of brush, metal sponge. It is recommended to use a soft cloth.You can 1 time a year Add a new layer of protection French Protect Using a soft cloth on dry washbasin.


The basins do not have overflow. It is imperative to install a fixed flap mark.

Available models

Round concrete washbasin Ø40cm

This basin is ideal for worktops or smaller furniture. It can be positioned alone or in double washbasin. Its lines are clean and its timeless design. Find below examples of bathrooms with this model.

round washbasin concrete rendered united bicolor

Photo : round basin. Rendering United, bicolor and marble


Rectangle concrete washbasin 60x40 cm

The rectangular format 60cm x 40cm

 Concrete washbasin 40-60

Photo :rectangle washbasin. RenderingUnitedbicolorandmarble


Rectangle concrete washbasin 80x40 cm

The rectangular format 80cm x 40cm

Biolour rectangle yellow concrete washbasin

Photo :rectangle washbasin L 40x80.Renderingbicolor


Rectangle concrete washbasin 100x40 cm

This model is large enough to install 2 faucets.

 RESctangle washbasin XL concrete blue white two-tone

Photo :rectangle washbasin L 40x100.Renderingbicolor

Characteristics of the basin

The opinion of our designers

The choice of faucet (on wall or plan) is important for this type of basin. We recommend the use of matte black-colored recessed faucets to reinforce the crude and industrial spirit communicated by the basin and the material.

For the most colorful sink, with powdery prawns, coral or cobalt blue, a gilded faucet will be an excellent choice.